Game Boy Mission Accomplished

Gary thanks those who helped him find color Game Boys, and charts some tech companies, too.
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When I left you last week, I was in search of color Game Boys, so I was pleased that many of you came through with Ironically, I have traded the stock ( Funco (FNCO) ) in the past, but overlooked the retail site. So, well done, folks!

A few thorough readers also checked out


(EBAY) - Get Report

for me and found a few, and some local D.C. retailers even volunteered they had a number in stock.

So, thank you one and all. The knowledge of the


readership really is impressive!

On the chart front, some most excellent candidates today. Of course, very few one, two, or three-letter stocks in the bunch, but I suppose that's the way it is in this Golden Age of Investing. Listen, I don't make the rules, I just try to play by them, and lately the rules say, tech, tech, TECH!

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First up, erstwhile reader

David Loomis

wanted a look at

TTI Team Telecom International




Caroline Sdano

made the observation that due to both my and


respective comments about our wives, we come across as a "family-friendly" site. And you know, I like that comment; and it certainly warrants a look at Caroline's request for

Jabil Circuit

(JBL) - Get Report


Mahesh Grossman

was one of my FuncoLand discoverers, so he earned a peek at

Adaptive Broadband

(ADAP) - Get Report


I love a challenge, and

Doug Bayer

came forth with one. In his words, "it would take a lot of guts to make a long-term call on


(MSFT) - Get Report

that was anything other than upbeat!"

Doug, sorry, I just can't disappoint you: I love this chart!

Many, many requests for the "forgotten" tech stock,


(INTC) - Get Report

. But, don't worry, GBS




David A. Basiji

was stumped by



. It was a bit tricky before this past Tuesday, but now, David, it's a no-brainer.

Andy Francke

was yet another reader who pointed me to FuncoLand, so in return, I'll look at his request for

Veritas Software

(VRTS) - Get Report


And finally,

Jame Eckerly

implored me to highlight



as a "textbook" breakout. James, I'll grant you it's a good breakout, but not one without some problems.

And that, my friends, puts the finishing touches on yet another wild week. A week that concludes with both my girls swimming in the

Junior Olympics

. Let's just hope I have some fingernails left by this time next week!

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