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GBS is hard at work preparing his holiday chart extravaganza. But for now, he's got GE, PairGain and more.
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Is anyone getting just a wee bit tired? I know I am, as this year concludes with fireworks after fireworks.

But folks, we ain't done yet. No, I've decided to end the year with a bang: 10 straight columns devoted to nothing but charts. Yep, both this week and next, Monday through Friday, it's going to be a chart bonanza!

Each day a different theme: Some B2Bs I've missed. E-tailers. Retailers. Oil drillers. Old technology. Etc., etc. And as a final year-end blowout, some of my all-time favorite stocks!

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As it's the holiday's though, I will not be doing the


Technical Forum for the next two weekends. So, save those questions when we kick off with a bang in early January. Until then, tune in the next two weeks for a sector-by-sector look at some super charts ... and chumps.

Not the Brightest Bulb

Gary, Would you please take a look at General Electric (GE) - Get Report? Alan Chung

Looks Interesting

Gary: Could your review the chart of PairGain Technologies (PAIR) ? Dennis Balgowan

Strong Current

Gary: What do you think of Digital River (DRIV) - Get Report? Steve Andersen

Waiting and Watching

Gary: Back on Nov. 13, you saw an upside breakout to Concentric Network (CNCX) . It has since retraced 50% of the upward move from $16. Do you see a possible double bottom here in the mid-20s? Steve Fenig

Don't Enter Exodus Just Yet

Gary: Would you give me your opinion on Exodus Communications (EXDS) from a TA viewpoint? Bob Barnett

Salton's Cooking

Gary: Take a look at Salton (SFP) . It looks ready to take off to me. What do you think? Jeff Loeb

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