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The political blogosphere discussed the ramifications of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The strangest thread results from comments made by David Axelrod, an adviser to Sen. Barack Obama (D., Ill.), who suggested Sen. Hillary Clinton's (D., N.Y.) votes on Afghanistan and Iraq partly make her responsible for Bhutto's death. This comment could sink Obama's campaign. It was amateur hour for Axelrod.

Arianna Huffington blogs about Benazir Bhutto. Huffington first met Bhutto when they were both young women and opposed each other as the heads of debating for Cambridge and Oxford.

Marc Ambinder starts a firestorm by drawing a conclusion from the words of Obama's campaign strategist, David Axelrod, on Bhutto's death. Axelrod strangely insinuated Sen. Hillary Clinton is partly to blame for Bhutto's death.

Taylor Marsh decides to see how Obama and Clinton react to the news of Bhutto's death. She puts up video from their reactions and finds herself a bit cold after watching Obama's robotic comments. Also see her

comments on Axelrod's statement.

Steve Clemons wonders how the present presidential candidates would deal with Pakistan. He compares and contrasts the divide between Anthony and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Juan Cole provides insights on Bhutto's death and how it will effect the future of Pakistan. The majority of Pakistanis fail to support Pervez Musharraf. Will this accelerate the downfall of his government?


Greg Sargent at blasts the pundits at


They found another inane way to criticize Clinton. They've decided her voice is too grating and thus the campaign decided not to use it in an ad. Check out the video.

Chris Bowers blogs on Obama's closing statement before the Iowa caucus. He notices that Obama makes no compelling argument for how he will get Republicans to work with him on passing legislation. Hope won't put pressure on Republicans.


Captain Ed follows the logic of the editors at

Investors Business Daily

and hopes President Bush will issue an Executive Order defunding the earmarks in the most recent spending bill. The irony kills me. President Bush and the Republican Congress (2000-06) spent like a drunken sailor and suddenly he points a finger at the Democratic Congress on overspending?

Hugh Hewitt reviews Sen. John McCain's (R., Ariz.) record in the Senate. He, and the people at the Club for Growth, lambast McCain for his wayward views over the years. The press might forget this stuff, but conservative voters won't.


John Hinderaker at rants about a


reporter who has defended jailed


reporter, Bilal Hussein, in a

recent article. Hussein has been in prison for years without trial. Hinderaker, of course, could care less about the fact that our justice system is based on the idea of innocent until proven guilty.