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Hillary Clinton continues to captivate the blogoshere, but the conversation about the State Department and diplomats being forced to go to Iraq is more interesting. Some will revolt and resign. We are losing many technocrats to poor policy -- another case of unintended consequences. reports on the crankiness pervading the State Department. There have been some memorable and public resignations, and more may be coming if the department forces people to work in Iraq. Similarly, the U.S. military has lost many of its captains and majors.

Juan Cole says the U.S. needs to close down the Iraqi embassy. Diplomatic personnel are not military and should not be posted in combat zones. And State Department workers aren't whiners for not wanting to go.


Hugh Hewitt writes about something important. Why would Bill O'Reilly ask Mike Huckabee if he really believes in Adam and Eve? These aren't the questions that should be asked of a credible presidential candidate. It's absurd.

Digby questions Rudy Giuliani's assumption that he can be competitive in California and New York. Of course, there's the bad news. He's losing to Hillary Clinton by 16% and 24% in those states, respectively.

Steve Benen at continues to scrutinize Giuliani's statements on cancer survival rates. Giuliani's wrong numbers are getting even more wrong.


Jim Geraghty at National Review follows Newt Gingrich's comments about Clinton. Gingrich thinks she severely hurt herself in the debate the other night.

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TheStreet Recommends

Taylor Marsh wonders if the Republicans are scared of Clinton. She has the video and the analysis from

Morning Joe

with Joe Scarborough. Scarborough calls Clinton the only grown-up Democrat.


Garance Franke-Ruta asks why there aren't more female moderators in the presidential debates. She notes that only one, Katie Couric, will participate in the Democratic debates. I don't remember any main female moderators in the GOP debates.

Greg Sargent publishes a letter that 30 senators sent to President Bush about Iran. It clarifies to the president that the Kyl-Lieberman Resolution didn't authorize military force. Strangely, Barack Obama didn't sign the letter, but Clinton did.

Tyler Cowen at has another book for us to read. His was pretty good. It's called

The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy

. The book looks good, but the future may be bleak.