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Rudy Giuliani continues to get the spotlight in the blogosphere, and I don't think it's the attention he wants. People are pooh-poohing the significance of the Pat Robertson endorsement, and the Bernie Kerik indictment remains a big negative.


Garance Franke-Ruta goes into more detail on the Christian conservatives and what might happen if Giuliani becomes the nominee. I think he would lose the support of many.

Daniel Flynn also sounds off on why Robertson's endorsement is a bad idea. I wonder if all of the complaining will stop others from endorsing Giuliani?

Paul at delves into the new favorable polls for Mitt Romney. A Rasmussen poll has him crushing competition in Iowa and New Hampshire. He matches up terribly against Hillary Clinton. Do we have a Howard Dean scenario developing?

Scott Lemieux notices that Fred Thompson might not be so nuts for opposing the Human Life Amendment. It calls for the criminalization of abortion, which might not play well.

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Tom Watson ponders the fall of John Edwards. Edwards has become what Peggy Noonan described as: "a furry animal on a wheel, trying so hard, to the point he's getting a facial tic, and getting nowhere."

Taylor Marsh can't believe that Barack Obama actually suggested that change was a generational thing. What policy change does Obama offer to make himself so different?

Sameer Lalwani at the Washington note analyzes Sen. Joe Biden's nuanced position on Pakistan. It might just be presidential.


Glenn Greenwald wonders why the Democrats don't filibuster in the Senate the way Republicans do. A filibuster can only be defeated by 60 votes. Michael Mukasey was confirmed 53-40.

Michelle Malkin discusses the indictment of Bernie Kerik. It has many different sides to it, and perhaps the most critical relate to Giuliani and his support for Kerik.

Dean Baker wants us to remember a few facts when considering whether China will switch from the dollar to the Euro. They aren't investment considerations, but growth ones.