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Friday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the day's best posts from the blogosphere.

I would have expected more discussion in the blogosphere about Charles Rangel's new tax bill, but there's not much out there.

I'm continually surprised at how outplayed the Barack Obama campaign has been. With tons of money, why isn't he doing better? Taylor Marsh has part of the equation.


Ben Smith at says that Hillary Clinton backs President Bush's sanctions on Iran. Her position has been that we need to use all means to create a diplomatic dialogue, which Bush hasn't really accomplished.

Captain Ed ponders why the Democrats have not been able to stop the Bush agenda in Congress. He believes Dems fail to tickle the amygdala (a part of the brain that involves emotions).

Taylor Marsh calls Sen. Barack Obama's Internet outreach a disaster. She's stunned that his campaign can be so clueless about Internet outreach. Obama's campaign raises lots of troubling questions but has few answers.

Mike Lux at gets into the caucus in Iowa. Often it comes down to how well you do in second-place votes. The Edwards campaign is happy about its second-place polling.


Jonathan Martin at reports that Sen. Sam Brownback is warming to Rudy Giuliani. This would be a big endorsement. I find it hard to believe this, though, considering Brownback's stated on so many occasions that "The GOP will nominate a pro-life candidate."

TST Recommends

Jim Geraghty at

National Review

Online lays out how all of the big five Republican candidates can win the race. But even Geraghty doesn't buy his own analysis of John McCain winning. Why doesn't McCain pull out?


McJoan at Dailykos talks about the effects of global warming on the Western U.S. The biggest problem could be the loss of snowcaps and thus no fresh water for agriculture, communities or industry.

Josh Marshall remains a skeptic about Israel's attack on Syria being about a nuclear reactor. But a new report is making him less of one.

Think Progress wonders why the military is working very closely with right-wing bloggers to get out news about happenings in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military yesterday leaked documents to the Drudge Report.

Steve Benen discusses the confirmation vote for attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey. Sen. Arlen Specter has put forward tough talk on the nominee, but Benen notes that Specter has disappointed in the past.