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Friday's Top 10 Political Blogs's political correspondent rounds up the best posts from the blogosphere.

So much happens out there in the blogosphere that doesn't get covered in the mainstream media. I decided it would be great to bring you the Top 10 blog posts that I've read. I hope you will like it. Please feel free to suggest great blogs I might be missing.


Did John Edwards have an affair with a little-known filmmaker from New York City? Intriguing. Even more intriguing: The story was "broken" by the

National Enquirer

, a big Hillary Clinton supporter.

Ben Smith reports from Politico.

David Kurts at Talking Points Memo makes the case that the folks with the Clinton campaign aren't applying the language of "inevitability" in their releases. They fight to the end, taking little for granted.

Marc Ambinder takes us through all of the hubbub over Hillary's vote on Iran (the Lieberman-Kyl amendment) and why Barack Obama is being just a bit disingenuous on this one. Also makes me wonder why Obama skips so many votes.

Taylor Marsh puts out the word that Obama will go on the offensive. How will this play out with his supporters who like the message of hope?


Republican congressional leadership tries to open negotiation with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi over the State Children's Health Insurance Program? I guess this is a safer strategy than attacking a 12-year-old.

Posted on Redstate.

TST Recommends

David Brody wonders if evangelicals will fall in behind Romney? They certainly don't want Giuliani and might even prefer Hillary, as posted via

Andrew Sullivan. Ouch.

The Rudy Giuliani camp, trying to keep an eye on Hillary, tries to call a truce with Mitt Romney. Will Romney accept the "whoops" truce or continue to hammer at Giuliani?

Check out Jonathan Martin at Politico.


Megan McCardle gives us her take on what the heck is wrong with farm subsidies. Is it just another case of unnecessary corporate gravy?

Al Gore wins the Nobel Prize for work on global warming. No surprise the National Review Online's

Mona Charen says he's all wrong. The liberals over at

firedoglake beg to differ.

What the heck is going on with the U.S. and Turkey (and I'm not talking Thanksgiving)? Have we lost them as allies?

Juan Cole has an excellent post on his blog.