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Friday's Political Blogs

The bloggers keep starting tomorrow's news stories today.
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The blogosphere often gets into the nitty-gritty of a story before the mainstream media does. A couple of example from today's posts includes Mitt Romney's claim he "saw" his father march with MLK Jr., or Ron Paul's support from white supremacists.


Dana Goldstein defends her attacks on pundits Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald for supporting Rep. Ron Paul (R, Tex.). Goldstein points to Paul's stance on abortion and the support he refuses to repudiate from white supremacists.

Steve Benen continues his analysis of Mitt Romney's statement: "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King." Actually, he never saw it because it never actually happened. The mainstream press has yet to pick up this little plum from Romney's religion speech.

Captain Ed covers the rumors surrounding Sen. John McCain and lobbyists. Shockingly, the rumors were found on the Drudge Report. McCain has aggressively attacked the rumors, unlike in 2000 when the Bush campaign spread nasty rumors about his adopted daughter.

Patrick Ruffini tried to figure out what went wrong with Rudy Giuliani's campaign. Ruffini argues Giuliani didn't finish McCain off after McCain stumbled in July. Does Giuliani really want it?

Paul Mirengoff blogs on the "phony" victimization of Mike Huckabee. He thinks the criticisms of both Giuliani and Huckabee remain valid because both would pull apart the Republican base.

Tyler Cowen is saddened by the thought of Ron Paul's monetary policy. He likes Paul's libertarian streak, but Cowen can't stop thinking that if Paul were elected it would takes thousands of points off the Dow.


Jason Linkins at the delves into the charges that Sen. Hillary Clinton has received unfair media treatment. He fairly addresses the issue, but I don't agree with his conclusion: the front-runner should get more negative attention.

Eriposte at details the questions on Sen. Barack Obama's (D., Ill.) voting record in Illinois Senate House. Obama dodged quite a few votes by voting present. I could see not taking a position occasionally, but Obama ducked 129 votes.

Ann Althouse discusses Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill comments that his wife is a "world-class" genius. Althouse isn't so sure and goes on to wonder why Bill would use such a passé phrase.

Glenn Greenwald writes more than you might ever want to know about the struggle between Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D., Conn.) over the surveillance bill (FISA). Democrats can't avoid attacking each other.