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What is E-Commerce Index? E-Commerce Index is an index that tracks the performance of a group of electronic commerce stocks. It is neither a mutual fund nor a stock.

What is the ticker symbol for E-Commerce Index?

The ticker symbol is ICX. Quotes are available through's

Tools/Quotes section under the symbol

ICX^X. A snapshot of quotes on all 18 index components is available


What is an index?

Similar to the

S&P 500

, the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

or the

Russell 2000

, E-Commerce Index measures the average performance of a group of stocks, in this case in a certain part of the economy. This index tracks the average value of a basket of 18 e-commerce stocks.

Do any mutual funds track E-Commerce Index?

No index funds currently track E-Commerce Index, but options based on the index have been available since Feb. 17, 1999.

How do I find more information about options based on E-Commerce Index?

Your broker/dealer will be able to help you find more information about the options, which trade on the

American Stock Exchange

. You can reach the Amex on the Web at

is not involved in the trading of the options and makes no profit from options trades.

What companies make up E-Commerce Index?

TheStreet Recommends E-Commerce Index is an equal-weighted measure of these 20 prominent e-commerce players, which generate all or a significant portion of their revenue from commerce conducted over the Internet:

The list of companies is subject to change at any time. It will be reviewed every quarter to ensure that it continues to represent the e-commerce sector accurately.

What is the relationship of E-Commerce Index and Internet Sector index? E-Commerce Index is a complement to Internet Sector index, not a replacement for it. Internet Sector index is an index of 20 Internet stocks, traded on the

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

under the symbol DOT. The DOT includes many types of Internet companies that are not part of the ICX, including search engines or portals, Internet service providers, Net security companies and Web services companies. E-commerce companies are one slice of the Internet pie, and we feel E-Commerce will be a great benchmark for the performance of e-commerce companies, while the DOT will continue to represent the performance of the broader Internet sector.

Does recommend that I invest in these index options, or in the companies that make up E-Commerce Index?

does not make investment recommendations of any kind.

Performance of E-Commerce Index has recently been more volatile than many other segments of the economy. Investing in index options like this one involves substantial risks, and individual investors in index options may be in direct competition with professional investors. For individual investors, the index may be more useful as a source of information than a direct trading opportunity. More information about some of the unique risks inherent in trading index options can be found at

What other resources are available on TSC and elsewhere on the Web?

More information on options is available in


Investing Basics section, the


Options Forum, which appears Saturdays, and the daily


Options Buzz column.

More information about options can also be found at the American Stock Exchange

site, and the

Options Industry Council's



What does a E-Commerce Index quote mean in relative terms?

For comparison, the index was created with a base value of 75.00 on Dec. 1, 1998. It finished Dec. 31, 1998, at 85.10. Had it been trading Dec. 31, 1997, it would have closed at 25.99.