Four Points of Light

Cramer uses another checklist to determine which stars need to be aligned to make yesterday's selloff a one-day phenomenon.
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Could this be a one-day selloff? Could yesterday's viciousness be contained to one brutal, nasty session? The answer is "certainly," provided that a couple of stars align correctly.

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. So let's get the checklist going that will determine whether we hit bottom at 4 p.m. yesterday.

    Europe stays strong. Right now as I write, Europe is yawning and not worrying about the U.S. action. That's a point for the bulls. The purchasing managers' report doesn't show a huge (plus-70) jump when it gets announced at 10 a.m. If we get a benign report, we will have to jump in with both feet. Yahoo! (YHOO) has legs. The market can be pretty stupid at times. If Yahoo! stays up huge from this S&P inclusion, we could have a rally in the rest of the dot-coms and of tech in general. No one from the Street starts downgrading. Sometimes analysts get jittery, and they decide that they are going to bail ahead of a big selloff. But if they come in this morning and see the futures up and Europe up, they probably will just reiterate their buys.

All in all, there could be a strong case made that we have seen the last of the selling if the checklist holds up. I know that I am a buyer, not a seller, and will be buying some stock ahead of the purchasing managers' report, keeping some powder dry if the number is rotten.

You have my game plan.

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