Forget About Gillette -- I Don't Have Time

Even Cramer can't spare the bandwidth to focus on both the stable growers and the tech newcomers.
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have their day. And everybody gets excited about these names, particularly the media people who are thrilled to have something they can pronounce, let alone understand, to talk about.

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Talk about them all you want. These are sideshows to opportunity. Clorox is really going up because I know a ton of people short it. I had heard it was going to blow the quarter. I can't believe I'm not short it.

Gillette has done some nifty inventory reduction, which is how it grows now. That's hardly viral. But somebody will translate this "value" play into some points.

Count me out. If you want to make some money in the new economy, you can't straddle these two worlds the way you would like to. I have had to cut back on my research on these 32-times-earnings value plays like Gillette and Clorox because the new companies take concentration and brainpower to learn.

I guess I don't have time for Gillette any more. Neither do other managers trying to beat the


. In fact, if you have time for it, how the heck are you going to learn


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I know I can't. And I am a maniac.

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