Ford CEO: We're as Innovative as Tesla - TheStreet

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- TheStreet's Ross Kenneth Urken is with Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford (F) - Get Report, discussing how the auto giant has managed to keep pace with a quickly changing competitive landscape.

According to Mulally, Ford is on par with the innovation leaps that we've recently seen from Elon Musk's

Tesla Motors

(TSLA) - Get Report

. While Ford might not have the all the bells and whistles of the Model S, it's a fraction of the price.

Mulally points to Ford's innovation with its internal components and leadership in fuel efficiency. He also highlighted the large selection of vehicles, which range from the compact Fiesta to the large scale F-Series pickup truck.

Urken wanted to know what Mulally thought of his recent trip to India and whether India could be a bigger market than China. Mulally refused to pick sides. Instead, he said that Ford plans to penetrate and cater to both markets.

He also said that foreign consumers appreciate "the Blue Oval," and that the company's compact SUV should do well overseas.

And now that the domestic auto recovery is well under way, Mulally expects to see big things out of the company's luxury line from


, where consumers have given high praise to the MKZ model.

Mulally deflected any talk about a possible retirement date, only repeating what we already know: He will remain CEO through 2014.

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