I'm so busy focusing on


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, I look up and wouldn't you know it but



reports an unbelievable number.

What's a Geon? That's a company that makes plastic. PVC plastic. The most basic plastic. The most commodity-oriented plastic. A boring company that got spun off from



years ago and has done nothing.

People thought this company would make very little money. Instead it made a ton. Leverage. The company has fixed costs, and when business gets good, earnings explode.

In other words, I am in a battleground in Amazon. There is no battleground in Geon (which I am neither long nor short). It's just great.

That's why people love the cyclicals. They have done nothing for years except buy back stock. And now they surprise to the upside. In a period when


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evaporates and Amazon can't quantify the losses, is there any wonder why people wouldn't want a stock WHERE THE GAINS CAN'T BE QUANTIFIED?

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