No relief for Gap Stores (GPS) - Get Report or Telephone (T) - Get Report today. These stocks continue to hemorrhage and with them goes a lot of the confidence that people have toward "buying and holding" the great, old-fashioned retail names.

Nobody likes to cut losses any more. It is totally out of fashion. I know that most individuals would rather ride down a stock like

Gap Stores or AT&T than admit that, maybe, the best are wrong.

That said, at these levels I think both of these stocks are nearing "too late to sell" levels. AT&T at 35 and Gap at 30 make sense to hold on to -- if only because they may get new sponsorship on the basis of price.

All the same, I think the opportunity cost of dead money is just too great here. There are so many other stocks that would make more sense here; I don't know why anyone would want to hold on.

Just one person's opinion. But I keep getting asked about these, so I have to tell it like it is.

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