For B2B Advice, Cramer Hits the Boards

The Trader has a positive message-board experience in Ariba.
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Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand. Earlier this morning, I thought I had hit the ball in the monuments in dead center field. 440 feet. Sultan of Swat. All because



had signed a deal with

American Management Systems


. We owned some Ariba, and of course, it is on my

rotisserie league team. American Management is a well-known government contractor that handles procurement. Ariba is a business-to-business company that is trying to rationalize the world of procurement.

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With the two getting together, I figured, hey, if people think the market for

General Motors

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car parts is big -- they are huge B2B targets -- this one is the Kahuna, the government market. What could be better to be B2B'd than the government, which spends a fortune, much of it profligately and without using its leverage?

So what happens?

The stock gets crushed from the get-go. Just crushed. I go to the boards and ask if anybody knows anything. Turns out there is a block for sale. Turns out others think it will be a big deal, too.

It kept us in the stock. Now we are doing great. And we are feeling emboldened.

Could we have done this alone? Sure. Did it feel better to commiserate with others? Definitely. Did it make us buy rather than sell when the stock started rallying back? Absolutely.

This is the beauty and the purpose of chat -- to help each other. I know that it would be difficult to maintain decorum if we were anonymous on our boards, but we have to be open-minded because we need as many minds as possible to beat this game.

As many good minds as possible. And no vituperation, cheering or booing.

That's why I keep going back to the discussion of what would be the right thing to do, anonymous or not. Even internally we aren't sure.

Jeff Berkowitz

thinks anon just makes us as bad as everyone else.

Matt Jacobs

thinks we are losing some great input because of the rules we have set up. Ideally, people know who is hosing them and who isn't. I don't know what the answer is.

I do know that our boards continue to help us make money by giving us confidence and insight.

Random musings:

Don't forget my

AOL chat tonight at 5 p.m. ... Nice call by Henry Blodget to buy



on our

TV show this weekend. I wish they were all that great!

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