The holidays have come and gone in a sort of rushed haze, but even through eggnog and champagne we labored to produce.

And, as is often the case, some of it was good. And some of it not so good. One of our best calls pointed out how


, a maker of dude-like shoes, had been widely oversold. Since publication of the story on December 31, the stock is up more than 10%.

We also continued to lead the way in terms of networking and telecommunications coverage. We offered solid analysis of Ameritech's tentative move toward long-distance service and we highlighted what could be one of the top IPOs this year:


. Look for all those chunky, mainstream dead-tree publications to start hootin' and hollerin' about Ciena later this month.

In terms of flattery,

USA Today

managed to cover the flagging fortunes of the Snowboard stocks--about one week after we had written a very similar story.

But not everything was perfect. Our story saying the dollar wouldn't appreciate a great deal more than the yen is being tested, as the dollar hit another high against the yen on Friday. And some of our market round-ups have sadly neglected the Nasdaq Stock Market.

For all our trials and tribulations, though, we have managed to get through the vacations and flus of the holiday season mostly intact. And the staff received a great New Year's surprise: Managing Editor Jamie Heller announced her engagement to Jed Weissberg, an Internet entertainment developer.

By Dave Kansas