It's a holiday weekend!

Ready to hang out by the beach? Or maybe it's best to use this time to just relax. No matter what your plans are, you should catch up on what happened today before you start the holiday.

Amazon's Stock Is Facing a Major Test Inc. is being tested according to Stephen Guilfoyle, a contributor for RealMoney.

But why? Well, you'll have to read the article to find out. 

President Trump and Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post probably aren't going to tailgate together on Sunday afternoons this autumn. But can they agree to co-exist? Have they already sort of done so? Amazon may suffer at the mention of being targeted again, but has already shown an unparalleled resiliency. The shares closed Thursday above $1,600 and have been scraping resistance at that level for about a month now," Guilfoyle then guides the reader to a chart.

"I'm already long Amazon, and although I'm often willing to make an options trade to raise revenue, names like this pay outsized premiums for options trades because they carry extraordinary risk. You have been warned," states Guilfoyle.

Why Intel, Micron and Nvidia's Data Center Sales Are Booming

Chip stocks are back.

Haven't been reading any of the articles from TheStreet lately? Well, I guess you'll have to check out the other daily wrap-ups. 

Eric Jhonsa of TheDeal, a sister site of TheStreet's, breaks down chip stocks and why they're booming. 

"These companies still face potential competitive and/or pricing headwinds. But overall, data center demand easily looks better for them than for some of their major traditional enterprise hardware clients," writes Johnsa.

Should you invest? I guess you'll have to find out.

One Thing to Consider Over Memorial Day Weekend: Are Stocks About to Collapse?

Just the headline you want to see before a holiday weekend, right?

Brian Sozzi, TheStreet's executive editor, sure knows how to make your heart jump a couple of beats right as you're winding down for the long weekend.

But, don't worry, it's not an immediate concern. Well, not if you read the article anyway. 

Sozzi also jumps into the most famous stocks of the week. Do I really need to tell you which ones are listed?

Alright, you have your reading before the day is done. Then it will officially be the weekend. 

And that's a wrap.