By Louis Navellier of Investor Place.

A lot of investors are wondering if it's time to take profits. The answer is "No way!" I anticipate a surge on Wall Street in the new year, and the smart play is to keep your money on the table right now.

But investing in any old stock is not the way to make money in 2010. If you're serious about building your wealth in the new year, the only way to beat the market is to invest in stocks with high-growth potential. These are the companies that have consistently grown their sales and earnings quarter after quarter in both good markets and bad.

So let's cut to the chase -- here are five of my top stocks for the new year that you can take to the bank.


( FIRE) is an IT firm that develops network security and information management software.

The company's innovative 3D software (for discover, determine, and defend) is the gold standard for government agencies and large enterprises in the finance, health care, manufacturing and technology industries. Its customers have included






Ernst & Young

. The company also has partnerships with larger security service providers such as


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, allowing it to tap into bigger revenue streams.

In the third quarter, Sourcefire's sales rose 35% to $27.4 million compared with $20.3 million in the same quarter a year ago. During the same period, the company's earnings rose to $2.7 million or 9 cents per share compared with a loss of $1.7 million or 7 cents per share. FIRE is one of my top 5 stocks for 2010 as cyber security remains a top priority for businesses.

Shares of Sourcefire closed at $27.36, up 2 cents, on Wednesday.

Marvell Technology

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is a Bermuda-based firm that offers data storage and broadband communications gear.

This "fabless" semiconductor company designs and sells hardware but outsources the actual fabrication of the devices to keep down costs. Marvell is a global player, deriving more than 80% of its revenue from Asia, though it relies on just a few customers like

Western Digital

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for the bulk of its sales traffic.

MRVL is one of my top five stocks for 2010 since it's at the forefront of the growing electronic book market. As we've seen with the recent success of

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(AMZN) - Get Report

through its Kindle, e-books are rapidly emerging as mainstream products and real sources of revenue for tech companies. Marvell recently announced that it is collaborating with

E Ink Corp.

, which is supplier of "e-paper" displays used in many digital-book readers, to produce the next generation of microchips for these e-book devices. Marvell has estimated that by integrating chips the company can cut the cost of processors in half -- meaning manufacturers will jump all over Marvell's new processors once they hit the market.

MRVL stock, which closed at $20.83, up 57 cents Wednesday, is going strong and should continue its impressive growth across the next year.

Hi-Tech Pharmacal


distributes prescription, over-the-counter and nutritional products.

The company primarily produces generic forms of prescription drugs, including off-brand versions of antibiotics, allergy drugs and vitamins, among other medications. Hi-Tech also makes branded over-the-counter products and has one branded prescription product, which is Tanafed DMX, an allergy medication.

HITK proves that while consumers may not be buying a new plasma screen television, they are certainly still buying their medications. Hi-Tech's generic drug sales continue to surge -- a sign that cost-conscious consumers are going off-brand to save money. This is a great trend for HITK to cash in on.

Even as the health care debate rages on in Congress, HITK should have no problem continuing to expand the profitability of its product lines. Shares closed at $28.19, down 13 cents Wednesday.


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is the leading Chinese-language Internet search engine, with more than 70% of China's search market.

Some people say this company is China's


(GOOG) - Get Report

, but in fact this company is faring even better than that iconic company since Google's head in China recently resigned after failing to challenge BIDU. Baidu earns nearly all of its revenue through online advertising services but also operates a network of third-party Web sites and online communities.

In its latest attempt to compete with Google over dominance of China's Web search market, BIDU said it is making deals with

China Unicom


China Telecom

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to preinstall a mobile search application in 3G phones. The new Baidu


( PALM) application will hook users into its search, message board and question-and-answer online services and should appear on the market soon once the deals have been finalized.

Thanks to a competitive growth strategy and cutting-edge technologies like this mobile app, I expect BIDU to come out on top and lead Chinese Internet searches in the New Year.

There has been a commodity surge in 2009 unlike anything we've seen in recent memory. But while gold has been getting most of the attention, crude oil has been slowly marching back to prominence. That means now is the time for investors to get into oil stocks before this industry really takes off. Bidu shares closed at $416.23, down $3.40 Wednesday.


(DRQ) - Get Report

designs, manufactures and sells some of the most cutting-edge oil equipment around.

The company's gear is used in offshore drilling to access deepwater finds, deployed in the harsh Arctic tundra to tap remote oil fields and used in other severe service applications worldwide. As crude oil prices continue to rise across 2010, oil companies will look to tap into new fields to cash in -- meaning sales for Dril-Quip should soar. Dril-Quip closed at $56.74, down 80 cents Wednesday.

At the time of publication, Navellier was long BIDU, MRVL, FIRE and HITK.

One of Wall Street's renowned growth investors, Louis Navellier is the editor of four investing newsletters: Emerging Growth (formerly known as MPT Review), Blue Chip Growth, Quantum Growth and Global Growth. His longest-running publication, Emerging Growth, has a track record of beating the market nearly 3 to 1. Navellier is the author of a BusinessWeek bestseller, "The Little Book That Makes You Rich," and the chairman and founder of Navellier & Associates, Inc.