Fired Up for <I>Fox</I>

For Cramer, the show must go on. Also, if anybody asks him, he will say that there was nothing conclusive about today.
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You? You get to go home. Me? I am going up to


for four grueling hours of TV. I had to break my rules and have a can of

Diet Dr. Pepper

to get fired up.

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Yes, the show must go on, and I am thinking that there was nothing conclusive about today if anybody asks me. I got hit on a bunch of my bids down 280, but I don't think we are out of the woods.

I will say on the


show that the selling remains incredibly ugly, but that I remain a steadfast buyer. I probably put on another couple million dollars worth of stock in that scary decline below 10,000, and I just traded out of $10 million of the bonds I bought yesterday for a nice gain. That's money that will find its way to the stock market if we penetrate 10,000 on Monday.

All of us wish there were a resolution. The most unnerving thing I can say -- and I have to say it -- was that this session, which looked like it would provide the final washout when we pierced 10,000, didn't even give us that pleasure.

Gotta go get fired up for



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