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Well, thanks Jerome. The Dow tumbled more almost 300 points after newly minted Fed Chair Jerome "Jay" Powell hinted that the central bank would stick with gradual interest rate increases, though he also hinted that there may more rate hikes than initially anticipated.

While the rate hike discussion dragged down all 12 major sectors, the positioning from the Fed could make that 1% decline in the financial sector an attractive dip to check out Action Alerts PLUS names JPMorgan (JPM)  , Citigroup (C)  and Goldman Sachs (GS)  .

But the big boys aren't the only ones that should enjoy gains as the economy continues to improve and rates move higher.

In talking to an analyst today on a relatively small California bank deal, the windfall from both tax cuts and increases to interest rates may be even more pronounced for smaller regional banks like PacWest (PACW)  or CVB (CVBF)  , which just did the deal I referred to earlier, and the super regionals in BB&T (BBT)  or Regions Financial Corp. (RF)  .

Elsewhere, the retail sector enjoyed a rare bright spot, as shares of Macy's Inc. (M)  ticked higher after the retailer released strong fourth-quarter earnings. A surprising quarter, I'd say, for a retailer that many had left for dead.

What shouldn't have been a surprise is the stinker of a quarter that Vitamin Shoppe (VSI)  posted this morning, a quarter that pushed the company's stock down more than 10%.

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Again, that shouldn't have been a surprise for you savvy investors who watched the company's peer GNC (GNC)  be placed on CreditWatch by S&P a few weeks ago amid sales declines. GNC did sign a life line with a Chinese pharma company that could help things along, and Vitamin Shoppe has vowed to sell some assets to help address liquidity issues. What these maneuverings don't address is slumping sales as consumers pay less attention to typical supplements sold at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe and move toward healthier habits overall.

The need for a brick-and-mortar presence in clothing, also, makes a bit more sense than that of a supplement slinger. Just ask Herbalife (HLF) .

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