Feeling Great, Staying Long

The market hung in there all week long, Cramer says.
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What a week! Another great week! I'm not looking through it. I'm exercising my calls that I am long that hit the strikes, and I'm going to come in longer on Monday than I am today.

It drives me crazy that I can be this complacent and continue to make money. Last Sunday night I was so nervous that this market would go away. And yet it hung in there, dot-coms and all. The semis rocked, the telcos socked, the cyclicals hung in and the small-caps did fine.

I am sure when I sit down Sunday night to write I will have all of the positive juices from these records purged from my system and will be the same old antsy self I am every Sunday night.

Until then, though, doesn't it feel great to be long?

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