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Fed Up

Cramer's frustrated by the market's latest downturn.
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Now we have to play this game all over again. We have to worry about the Friday employment number. We have to sweat the consumption and inflation figures. We have to wring our hands about wages and wild stock markets. We are in



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Darn, I hate Fed Prison. It amounts to a license to be able to spook the market down on nothing. My hope had been for no change to anything, which would have immediately allowed us to focus on earnings.

Let me give you an example. I was thinking that

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was so low that it would make for a good trade ahead of the quarter. Now I won't do that trade. Who needs to own a cyclical if the Fed could tighten any minute? This puts me squarely back on the sidelines instead of hogging the line of scrimmage.

Earnings? Now they're just another part of the equation instead of being


equation, where I like them.


It is tough to trust merchandise right here. You want to buy some

American Express

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after this reversal? I mean, the stock was just up 6 an hour ago. You want to be in


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now that the big meeting has taken place?

Sure does taint the upside when you have those kinds of reversals.

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