We are getting a lot of deal cancellations. That's a sign. We like that. It makes sense. That makes things better. We figure that we've got a fear bottom of sorts and we like the action in



, which has been one of the real drags here. We love the fact that the bears floated bogus rumors this morning that


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would preannounce bad earnings.

What a crock! But I sense a

battle of encirclement there, with the bulls getting the upper hand. And biotech, which is a swell tell of the day, has lifted.

We just sold a round of 5s and 10s (5000, 10,000) into the strength, but we did it without much enthusiasm because we like what we see.

Oh, and when I was off the desk I see we sold the



. Heavens! Oh well. Funny that

Gary B. Smith

comes out

this morning and likes it!

Random musings:

Hedge-fund lookout: Still don't know anyone in trouble. In fact, this little lift has given the Street the liquidity it needs. Remember, margin clerks are

sidelined. Not much happening there.

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