FAQs About TSC/AOL Live Events

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Frequently Asked Questions about TSC/AOL Live Events

How do I register for a TSC/AOL Live event?

How do I participate in a TSC/AOL Live event?

Why is my question not being answered?

How do I see ONLY the questions and answers?

Where can I find a schedule of upcoming TSC/AOL Live events?

Where can I find more information about AOL Live events?

Registering for a TSC/AOL Live Event

Unfortunately, only America Online members may participate in AOL Live events. Members should go to Keyword: AOL Live.

Participating in a TSC/AOL Live Event

Go to AOL Live at Keyword: AOL Live.

Double-click on the scheduled TSC event in the list box.

To attend the event, click on the "Go to Event" button at the bottom of the window.

To ask a guest a question during an AOL chat, click the "Participate in Event" button at the bottom right-hand side of your auditorium window. Then click on the "Ask a Question" button to submit the question to the moderator.

Why Is My Question Not Being Answered?

All AOL Live events are moderated. This means that a moderator will read through all of the questions asked and then present them to the guest. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for guests to answer all or certain questions. Please be aware that it may not be possible to address all items sent to the stage due to time constraints. Questions or comments not relevant to the event will not be used.

How Do I See ONLY the Questions and Answers?

AOL Live events and chat rooms are set up so that you can see comments of other people in your row. Here's how to see only the moderator's questions and the guests' answers when attending an AOL chat:

1. Go into a TSC/AOL Live event.

2. Click on the "Who's In My Row" button.

3. Click on the "Turn Chat Off" Button.

4. And there you have it!

Where Can I Find a Schedule of Upcoming Events?

A schedule of TSC events on AOL Live can be found in the "Community" section of TheStreet.com or in the "Live" section of TheStreet.com on AOL (Keyword: TSC). A schedule of all AOL Live events can be found at keyword: AOL Live.

Where Can I Find More Information About AOL Live?

For complete information on how to use AOL Live, check out the AOL Live Help section by clicking on the "Help" button in the top right-hand corner of the AOL Live screen (Keyword: AOL Live).