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) --


co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg must be a good poker player. Even during a recent interview on

Charlie Rose

, he showed little enthusiasm for an IPO. Based on his look of indifference, it seemed that going public wasn't a topic of discussion at his company.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

However, according to a report in

The Wall Street Journal

, the IPO process is definitely in motion. The company's CFO is talking to bankers and discussing important points, like the valuation. It seems that a $100 billion-plus deal is a real possibility -- with a capital raise of $10 billion. The target date is between April and June, which should be enough time to get through the regulatory hurdles with the

Securities & Exchange Commission


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So, what might be the reaction? Based on recent social deals, like


(GRPN) - Get Report







, it may not be a slam dunk. All of these companies have seen significant drops in their stock prices since their debuts.

Then again, Facebook is really in a rarefied category. With over 800 million active users, it has become one of the world's most impressive brands. In fact, the buzz is that the company should generate roughly $4 billion in revenue this year and be profitable.

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Given Facebook's intense user loyalty, an IPO should also attract a tremendous amount of retail investors. It's even possible that Facebook will have a "direct IPO," meaning it will issue its shares without the help of bankers. Hey, why pay the exorbitant fees to

Goldman Sachs

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Morgan Stanley

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and become a fan on


Yet, some nagging issues remain. Companies like Groupon and Zynga have seen slowdowns in usage. Might this also be the case with Facebook? What if the revenue and profit aren't as high as expected? Perhaps


(GOOG) - Get Report

social networking is making a dent?

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Ultimately, we won't know anything until Facebook files its S-1. And based on the


report, this should happen within a few weeks.

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