*Extra* The Cutting Room: More Scenes From the Green Room

When someone's made you as much money as Henry Blodget, Cramer says, it's tough to bear down on him.
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Check out Adam Lashinsky's take on this weekend's "TheStreet.com" on Fox News Channel.

Not a lot of tension around the Green Room this weekend -- that's what happens when you have a repeat guest who made you a ton of money the last time he was on the show. It is rather hard to bear down on a guy who has been dead right, so excuse us for not taking apart

Henry Blodget


Merrill Lynch


For me the show got started at 4:01 p.m. when producer

Gary Schreier

called me, after trading, and told me what stocks we were going to discuss. I had to laugh. I had sold almost all of my



and had trimmed my



after this big run, and sure enough those were two of the stocks Gary told me Henry was going to recommend.

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I arrived in the Green Room early to tape

Neil Cavuto's

show and I got to chat with

Herb Greenberg

before we went on. Whenever I see Herb in the Green Room we always talk, not about stocks -- that is strechen verboten -- but about how to improve the product that is




We talked nonstop about that. I am the first to admit that I am a maniac about the quality of the site. I am not always the most popular guy over at 2 Rector, the building where


is published. First, they never see me, because I am not there; second, because I am constantly carping that we need to be more relevant, harder, faster and write more about what people want, they don't always like to hear from me.

Once the show got underway we had Henry upfront in the "Word" section, which was all about the "To the Moon, Alice" market we have. Nobody was a bear, which you could argue is a sign we are in the late innings. But that ballgame stuff is a joke. I have been to ballgames that last forever.

Chartman vs. Fundy

talked about two stocks I don't like and it was a pleasure to hear nothing that good about them.

Then back out to drilling Blodget. Yeah, I know, I love-fested the guy. Oh, sue me. He's been making me money, and while no one gets a free pass, he got as close as you are going to get on our show, although he withstood my browbeating about trying to get him to raise a price target on Yahoo!.

Guess he has to save that for the people he works for. Finally we did predictions. Herb will be right on the money. The business is dwindling for the bricks-and-mortar guys. I love



-- hey, what else is new? I have loved it for as long as I can remember.

Dave Kansas

predicted a big move in the


, and we were left to try to get home in the most vicious traffic I have ever seen.

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