*Extra* The Chartman's B2B Draft Picks

Research is for the birds, GBS says. Based on his read of the charts, here are his choices.
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I always play a little game with my wife whenever we go to the golf course. The game is to identify how good a golfer will be ... without seeing him or her hit a shot. And over time, I've become pretty good. Just by observing how they're dressed, the way they carry their bag, the kind of shoes and glove they're wearing and even how they address the ball, I get a pretty good feel for their talent. Yes, those are all little "tells" based on years of hanging out on the driving range. Yeah, sometimes I'm wrong (usually with college kids who have mimicking the pros down to a science!), but mostly, I'm dead on.

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B2B candidates.

Now, what's all this have to do with trading? Well, I take great pride in the fact that I can look at a chart in about 30 seconds, size up the situation and do as well, if not better, than those slow-footed fundamentalists who go through the charade of "researching" a company!

Ha! Research. Hey, that's for the birds, brother! And GBS ain't no bird.

So, with that in mind, I've been asked by the Lord of the

Red Hots, the Sultan of the

B2Bs, the Master of Momentum, The Rev.

Jim Cramer

to weigh in

Mel Kiper

-like on what


would pick in the upcoming B2B supplemental draft. So, herewith, my top five picks. Now, remember, Jim and


are both seeing this at the same time. And after they make their picks, let's compare theirs to mine. I bet my five hang in there like champs. And considering I'm probably at the golf course working on my power fade while they're slaving away researching the "fundamentals," I think the reward-to-effort factor is definitely in my favor!

Now remember, one final word: Matt and Jim might draft these picks tomorrow, betting on the come. However, none of these stocks is a lock -- especially if they don't break out and up. Best bet is to go long either on a buy stop or after a breakout. That way, they have to prove their strength before you commit money. Kind of like drafting

John Elway

only after he'd had a few All-Pro seasons under his belt!

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