*Extra* Some Insiders Free to Sell -- Others Can Short or Duck

Plus, here's a chart that can help prepare you for when companies' shares are unlocked after the normal six-month post-IPO wait.
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Shares of online toy retailer



plunged Friday in part because it will increase spending, but largely because investment banker

Goldman Sachs

released some insiders early from their so-called lockup restrictions on selling shares.

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One salesman at a San Francisco investment bank provided the following chart to his clients (one of whom provided it to me) of the companies whose shares will be

unlocked this week as part of the normal six-month waiting period following their IPOs.

The salesman also sent along the following advice: "Shorting two days before the lockup expiration date and covering on the day of the lockup

expiration has been the most profitable strategy of the past two weeks."

Investors who don't do fancy stuff like shorting stocks -- a form of betting that a stock will fall -- could use this list at least to stay out of the way (or understand) the volatility that's likely to ensue.

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