*Extra* Dinging Dell? Not Any More, at Least Not From Piper's Kumar

Analyst who predicted Dell revenue shortfall reverses himself.
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Anybody who peeked at the site

earlier knows I'm on assignment, because there was no column this morning. And I'm about to head off into the sunset next week for a late spring break. But first, this just in:

In the wake of


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good news,

Piper Jaffray's

Ashok Kumar, whose claim to fame in this column was his early warning on a falloff in


(DELL) - Get Report

sales momentum, is out with a new report that says, "The magic is back." He's talking about Dell.

According to Kumar, whose

commentary here caused the hostile React-o-Meter to spin out of control, recent checks now indicate that "Dell is on track to grow units about 15% sequentially and 50% year-on-year. ... This compares to our current estimates of 9% sequential growth."

What's more, if Kumar is right, Dell clearly is gaining at



expense. He says Dell is currently at 70% of Compaq's quarterly run rate. "If it maintains its current trajectory, it should surpass Compaq in the near future," he says.

If Dell's momentum continues, Kumar says it should "translate to a revenue growth rate of 45% year on year to $5.7 billion. This represents a $200 million upside to our consensus revenue estimate. The 10% sequential revenue growth is impressive, not only because it is at the high-end of historical sequential growth, but also because it is off a larger base."

On that note, back to being on assignment.

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