There's a huge investment theme out there that needs to be addressed: the constant need to upgrade your equipment to be able to take advantage of the phenomenal changes the Net is inspiring.

For example, let's look at


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. If you fall in love with eBay, as many of my friends have, you can't just use the same old equipment. You might want to buy a super-de-duper Lexmark printer or a terrific digital camera to improve the quality of what you are getting from and purveying to the company's Web site. You want to take advantage of the music downloads using some new equipment. You need better modems, better hardware.

Here's what I would like to see: Your suggestions of ways to play this constant upgrade cycle. Is it with retailers that sell this stuff? Is it with the component makers inside the appliances? Is it with chip companies or fiber-optic companies?

Send them in. I bet with the high-powered Netizen community we have, we could make a fortune off some of the suggestions. I mean, that's kind of the idea, isn't it?

Random musings:

I am not slighting this unbelievable market. But I am on a

Yahoo! chat at 4:45 p.m. tonight where I can talk with rapture about the tape. We have to do it a little earlier because 'NSYNC will be chatting after -- I guess I better tell my kids about that one...

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