NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- About six weeks ago in Why Marissa Mayer Banned Work-From-Home at Yahoo! (YHOO) , I reported that Mayer was accepting -- though, as it turns out, maybe not willingly -- requests to be exempt from her telecommuting ban. I relayed the story of one Yahoo who wanted to be an exception:

I know of at least one employee who has petitioned direct management. This employee expects to hear back from Mayer in 30 to 60 days to see if the CEO approves a request to continue to work at home. This employee is a productive Yahoo! veteran. In some cases, Mayer might have no other choice but to grant exceptions.

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I have an update on that request, but first I have to admit that I was wrong about what I thought would happen. In the above-cited February article I argued that . . .

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valuable A-players who work at home -- and are caught in an unfortunate crossfire -- know the score. It would not surprise me if Mayer (quietly) makes alternative arrangements with the A-players or asks for their patience and compensates them for their troubles in some other way.

That's not the case. Here's how, according to my source, it turned out:

They reviewed this employee's case. It went up through a process. And, they denied the employee's request. I'm sure the employee didn't quit. They eliminated the employee's role with an end date.

At least in this particular case -- of a productive Yahoo! veteran -- Marissa Mayer says,

you don't want to work in the office, we no longer require your services

. No unemployment. Most likely a severance. And what appears to be a relatively cold goodbye.

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Marissa Mayer is not playing around as she guts the bloated ranks at Yahoo!, even if she has to cut bodies not necessarily contributing to the bloat.

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