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Everything's OK With Y2K

Well, at least with Gary's spreadsheet and coffee maker. Charts today include Compuware, Xerox, and Broadcom.

Am I going to have to start futzing with this Y2K stuff? Are you?

Frankly, I had been ignoring the whole brouhaha, confident that my computer and coffee maker would still work come Jan. 1. Then I read the latest from

Walt Mossberg

, who reminded folks to check their date settings in their spreadsheets.

Damn! I hadn't thought of that. Fortunately, when I checked,


had an entire Y2K section that said, in short, that everything would be handled automatically. Whew! Another bullet dodged.

And speaking of dodging bullets, here's my only movie recommendation of 1999: Go rent

The Matrix

. We just saw it the other night (I know, I'm a bit behind on what's "in"), and I have to say it's way cool! Yeah, a bit violent, but not gratuitously so. Say what you will, but


does have charisma.

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As usual, any and all to Tell 'em Neo sent you!

Find Better Pickings

I appreciate the analysis you provide while I try to follow along with the ins and outs of your specialty. I hold Compuware (CPWR) and do not understand what is going on with its stock other than down or sideways. Would you please include it in an upcoming analysis? -- W. Glenn Biggs

How Long Can You Wait for Results?

Is it proper for me to ask your opinion on Xerox (XRX) - Get Report? -- Frank Simmonds

Even if your name was Richard Thoman (Xerox's president and chief operating officer), Frank!

Battle Looms for

I'm very impressed by the action in


. Please give me your opinion on this Internet stock.

-- Todd Maushund

Harvest Time?

Can I ask if those well-trained eyes see what I see in Apple (AAPL) - Get Report? Is it safe to go apple-picking again? -- Harold Vigoda

Ready for Liftoff

Could you please analyze the chart of UAL (UAL) - Get Report in your column? I see a huge double bottom over the course of 1999. One attempt to break out of consolidation failed, but the next time I think it makes it. Is there any hope for a nice breakout here? -- Harold Igoe

A Chart That's Easy on the Eyes

I've been looking at CDW Computer Centers (CDWC) . Either the chart looks gorgeous, or I am re-entering adolescence. Which is it? -- Alan Thometz

A Trend With Staying Power?

Any comment on Broadcom ? Its chart looks like it has been making higher lows and now staying higher from its opening. Too early to tell if this is a trend? -- Lawrence Davis-Hollander

Plastics, My Boy

Could you take a look at U.S. Plastic Lumber (USPL) ? The fundamentals are good, and the chart looks like it has potential. Your opinion would be most welcome. -- Ray Baldwin

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