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Everything Is in Short Supply

Because the rally surprised many, both the bears and bulls are scrambling to find good buys.
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This rally caught a lot of people napping. We are seeing portfolio managers who are behind the market throwing money at the tape. And we don't see a lot of supply. Which is leading to dramatically higher prices.

Nothing is more dangerous to the bear population than an underperforming money manager who has only a couple of weeks to go before the end of the quarter. That money manager will put money to work on anything that is working -- anything that isn't nailed down -- in order to get that performance that is so necessary to stay in the game.

In the meantime, there are some bears out there that were making some very heavy bets against the

Nasdaq 100s

. As the QQQ noose tightens, you can bet you will see a lot of panic in the bear camp. That will make the whole

Nasdaq Composite

look good.

Poorly positioned bulls and poorly positioned bears are making the tape simply scrumptious for the longs.

We are in one of those periods where a selloff would be a gift.

I don't expect one.

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