Can the Internet Sector index, or DOT, do it without AOL (AOL) ? What a gamble! The dead-tree press nationwide tallied the winners and losers of this MediaOne (UMG) deal and in every case we had AOL in the losers column. As I type, still one more defense of AOL is going on in the background, this time from Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette's man, Jamie Kiggen.

The broadband/cable-Achilles-heel rap surfaces every so often and wreaks havoc on the stock. If only

Bob Pittman

had taken a swim in the River Styx instead of a dip, we would be just fine, thank you!


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is in everyone's face right now with the new killer AOL strategy.

It lingers like fallout and can't be penetrated. Why am I not more worried?

I guess you just have to look at the

National Semiconductor


announcement to figure out why I have fewer qualms. I can't tell you how many times I had to read that


was going to destroy


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. Then when it teamed up with National Semi, it was really going to destroy Intel (like that

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

, where this time the monsters are for real!).

Oh, National Semi not a real competitor like AT&T? OK, how about the





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Sun Micro

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Yeah, I guess I have heard it all before. AOL is not standing still. AOL is not willing to kill its stock price in order to please the blubberers who are demanding a cable solution right now. I like that.

As Kiggen points out, this whole thing will take years to play out. This cable platform worry, I believe, is like all of the worries that attacked Intel in its great run to multibillion dollar valuation.

In other words, this too shall pass.

So whither the DOT? I think it acts darn well with AOL.

We had still one more shakeout this morning. One of what will be a googol's worth of shakeouts. And the DOT gets off the canvas and comes back.

Guess that puts me in the positive camp.

Random musings:

I mistakenly

said this morning that


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