Even the Mighty Are Suffering

Even stalwarts such as Crossroads Systems and Sycamore Networks are limping ahead of their lockup expirations.
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It's a real eye-opener sometimes to watch these deals come around to the end of their respective lockup periods. Some of these names were, and still are, great companies. Others were simply well-timed IPOs. The distinction will be made clear as they pass through the lockup expirations. The stocks worth owning over the long term -- names such as

Crossroads Systems



Sycamore Networks



Akamai Technologies

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-- may get heavily bruised over the next few weeks, but in my eyes that just makes them cheaper, and therefore more attractive.

Should you run out and buy these on the next dip? Probably not: It looks to me like there's still a big slug of downside in some of these names. What alarms me is not so much the selling that is taking place, but rather the apparent total lack of buyers. Do you want to be the first to jump in and call the turnaround? Or, is it an altogether smarter play to wait until the blood starts to dry and then selectively pick up or add on positions in the names you believe in?

Lots of questions.

Let's take a look at this week's expirations:

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