Adriaan Zimmerman was a media entrepreneur, working around the clock and fulfilling what he thought was his dream. Although he was successful, he was in the midst of an existential crisis from not taking time off for himself that led to a panic attack in front of his entire company. Sufficiently burned out, he decided to travel the world solo on a journey he's come to call his "Pit Stop." He explains more on his blog, cataloguing his journey. 

From his initial post"By way of background, the Pit Stop is a fairly elementary analogy that came to me after several weeks of contemplating what got me to the point of burnout and what compelled me to take off on a journey of self-reflection and, hopefully, self-renewal...My life in NYC had begun to feel a bit like Groundhog Day, going through the same motions, same workdays, same nights out, and same romantic endeavors. I was seemingly living the high life full of fancy dinners, hockey tickets, weekend trips, and plenty of shiny new material possessions, but below the surface, a looming feeling of discontent and angst was growing." 

Sound familiar? 

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Zimmerman went on to pursue travel writing and travel photography, essential recreating himself through new experiences and journeys. While we all can't just travel the world for eighteen months on a whim, it's interesting to see someone who did what most of us have dreamed of doing — throwing caution to the wind and just leaving.