We are all technicians now. What, after all, is a Red Hot stock, if nothing but a stock with a good-looking chart?

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. It is no coincidence that the B2B winners will fare well in

Gary B. Smith's

chartbook; we found these stocks by examining the stocks that were rising every day.


readers are blessed with two of the finest technicians on the planet:

Helene Meisler and

Gary B. Smith. The latter, today, has an unbelievably insightful

column on the important of technical analysis that is a must-read for anyone playing in these incredibly hot stocks.

How ironic that Gary's column appeared right at the time when I was trying to develop a matrix for us to figure out what is working and what isn't -- because Gary is right. His method is working. It has to be considered part of the arsenal here, if not a big gun.

Here's why: The individual is calling the shots, and the individual's favorite weapon is the chart. We know from the brokerage roles that individuals are dominating the trading in this market. The individuals don't know an F5 from an


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. But the chart levels the playing field as mightily as the research can. People are buying what looks hot because it has been self-fulfilling.

I still think earnings matter. Not as much as revenues, though. And while it was a stretch for me to say that right now people who invest in good business models are making a ton of money, I am unwilling to trash the earnings/interest-rate relationship as quickly as Gary would like.

But as long as the individual calls the shots, Gary's analysis will have more power than any model that pins itself on earnings.

Random musings:

Lots of good stuff around the site. You just have to know where to look at it.

Ben Holmes

weighs in with an excellent piece about what a bad deal looks like. Judging from his excellent column, we are done with the big deals for this century. ...

Herb and

I clashed about train schedules this weekend, so if you are one of those who only looks at us Monday through Friday, you are missing some great stuff. ... Our

chat boards make you money again. If you participated in our

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forum a few months ago, you would have stayed away from the stock, even though the insiders were buying hand over fist. You avoided a 60% decline by just checking in and seeing what others were saying, which was not too inspiring. I know that discussion talked me out of buying. ... My hat is off to

Laurette Mayo

, one of our more dedicated readers, who sought to engage me in a



discussion over the weekend. ... Speaking of weekends, anybody notice how good


is becoming on Saturdays and Sundays? Bravo to JNJ,

Jen Howze


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, for working hard to make it fantastic.

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