Shares of EMC (EMC) have been on a roll since Feb. 11. Today the stock is up another 1% as it stretches this two-week rally to an impressive 10% gain. EMC is now bumping up against a very heavy resistance area and may soon need a pullback before continuing higher.

For patient bulls, a fade from current levels will offer a low-risk buying opportunity.

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EMC's February rally left behind a significant low near the $23.80 area. The stock bottomed here as January's broad selloff ended and held this area in February while putting in a slightly higher low. This solid basing action put the stock on the path to a strong rebound move. With this important bottom now well in the rearview mirror and the 200-day moving average now in a supportive position, EMC may building up the momentum needed to fill the giant Oct. 21 breakdown gap.

Back on Oct. 21, EMC took a major hit following its third-quarter earnings report. The stock opened that day with a huge breakdown gap and by the close was off over 6.25%. EMC's high on this earnings breakdown day was $26.40. This level immediately formed an upside barrier capping back-to-back monthly highs in November and December. If this zone can be cleared, investors should expect a healthy run to follow.

In the near term, EMC bulls should consider the $25.50-to-$26.00 area as a low-risk buy zone. This area includes the stock's 200-day moving average as well as last month's high. If the stock is in need of a pullback before clearing the $26.40 level, this support zone will hold. On the upside, a gap-filling move up to $27.40 is the expectation once shares power through the November/December highs.

Disclosure: This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author was long EMC.