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EMC Freak-Out

The domino effect hits when one of the faves tanks.
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freaking everybody out. That's what happens with these much beloved names. EMC may not have had the single greatest quarter ever registered, but it certainly wasn't a bad quarter.

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And now the second-day thrashing is making people rethink the high-growth, high-multiple world.

It's always like this when one of these faves tanks. People say, "If they can take EMC out and shoot it, what will they do to . . . ?" and then you can plug in any names you want.

So you get this kind of domino effect: "Why is

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down?" "Because of EMC." "Why are people selling



?" "Well, if EMC is down, they can kill Razorfish."

I know that must seem irrational.

But traders can be irrational if they think they're about to lose money.

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