Activist hedge fund Elliott Management LP said in a letter to investors that it has raised over $5 billion in just over a day this week. But Elliott head Paul Singer was vague in identifying trends or events that provide new opportunities for investing.

The cash infusion came just as the U.S. House of Representatives approved a measure that, if it passes intact through the legislative process, could wind up taking health care away from millions of Americans. At the same time, an election in France puts a nationalist candidate up against a moderate, while the ramifications of the U.K.'s Brexit are still far from clear.

The world has no shortage of potential crises that could change the values of assets and commodities.

"We are at an extraordinary juncture in markets and in the prospects for trading and investing," Singer said in the letter, according to Reuters.

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Singer's letter seemed to reflect on former President Barack Obama's time in office, according to the Reuters report.

Singer likened markets to a "coiled spring," distorted by more than eight years of economic stimulus programs by central banks in the United States and other developed countries.

"The nature of modern markets is that rich opportunity sets seem to be ephemeral, providing surprising volatility, bargains and dislocations for only brief periods of time before governments, aware of the politically destructive effects of extreme volatility, rally to take stern actions to keep the balls up in the air," the letter said.

Singer's vehicles manage over $32 billion, not counting the recent $5 billion infusion.

This week Elliott invested over $500 million in transportation provider Roadrunner Transportation Systems (RRTS) - Get Report.