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Dykstra: Putting Faith in Trinity's Options

Options on this transportation firm look compelling.

In my opinion, the market just doesn't feel right here, so I am treading lightly.

Granted, the bulls are still running a week after the


sparked a rally, fueling some profitable moves for our deep-in-the-money positions.

But when market rallies persist in times of large-scale skepticism over the direction of the macroeconomy, I remain cautious in my picks and look at investments in the core industries.

I also look for companies with insulation from the slowest sectors of the economy, such as housing. With that in mind, today I will take a look at

Trinity Industries

(TRN) - Get Trinity Industries Inc. Report

, a holding company in rail and highway construction and industrial leasing.

Although these businesses will continue moving forward regardless of the direction of the macroeconomy, Trinity's stock has suffered a decline of some 30% that began in late July. The company's 52-week low of $30.92, set last October, provides a solid level of support.

The stock closed trading Wednesday at $36.97, and Trinity currently sports a forward

price-to-earnings ratio of 9.91, its

PEG ratio is 0.94 (anything below 1.00 is awesome), and total debt/equity is an impressive 0.85.

Additionally, with its 10-day moving average crossing above its 50-day moving average this week, this stock has the strength to once again move forward. This is just the type of bullish breakout I look for in beaten-down stocks. Such movement tends to forecast further buying. As a result, I will place a limit order to buy 10 April 30 calls (TRNDF) for $7.90 or better.

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The Players Club recognizes the difficulties that coaches face, particularly when their gut and their brain may not be in synch. Nevertheless, their ultimate decision is invariably judged on the result, not the logic, or lack thereof, involved in the decision-making process.

By guaranteeing recurring cash flow through our strategic partner, the Players Club endeavors to ensure the result, thereby removing the angst associated with non-guaranteed financial vehicles.

Always remember: Life is a journey; enjoy the ride!

At the time of publication, Dykstra had no positions in stocks mentioned.

Nicknamed 'Nails' for his tough style of play, Lenny is a former Major League Baseball player for the 1986 World Champions, New York Mets and the 1993 National League Champions, Philadelphia Phillies. A three time All-Star as a ballplayer, Lenny now serves as president for several privately held businesses in Southern California. He is the founder of The Players Club; it has been his desire to give back to the sport that gave him early successes in life by teaching athletes how to invest and protect their incomes. He currently manages his own portfolio and writes an investment strategy column for, and is featured regularly on CNBC and other cable news shows. Lenny was selected as OverTime Magazine's 2006-2007 "Entrepreneur of the Year."