Drugs Up as Boring, Slow Money Pours In

Drug stocks like Merck rose today after end-of-quarter selling left them with nowhere to go but up.
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How in heck can


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be up four? On a day when the bonds are terrible?

How about


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? Believe me, it is not just the fundamentals.

Here's how I think it occurs. At the end of a quarter people sell all of their dawgs. The drugs have been total pounders.

Amazingly, this is how these stocks look WITHOUT SELLERS. That's what happened. The sellers finished. Normal


buying at the beginning of a quarter is now coming in. These stocks are heavy in the S&P. When that boring, slow money comes in, it moves up anything where there are no natural sellers. (This is what has happened for the last five years, so I hope it doesn't seem too revelatory).

So the drug stocks all moved today.

Remember this pattern. It happens quite frequently. I

detailed it the other day about why I bought

Bristol Myers

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. It leads to some good trading.

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