Cry me a river, the Nokia (NOK) - Get Report River. Once again, I find myself drowning in this stock after I had crossed its banks successfully yesterday.

How annoying.

Yesterday Nokia was looking up going into the action, trading at 206, a buck up from the close. What a false tell that was! The stock meandered down to 184 in no time before bottoming at noon.

This time, the Nokia floodgates are open right from the get-go. It is back to where it bottomed yesterday. We are buying some of the stock we sold, at

Jeff Berkowitz's

insistence, at 205 last night.

We figure it is as wrong down here as it was up there yesterday when we walked in. Just seems stupid to us. We will know how stupid at 9:30.

Random musings:

Whenever systems are down, people sell. London has been

down all morning. It's causing lots of uncertainty. ... Bottom watch: Not enough secondaries pulled yet. In fact, way too much business as usual in syndicate land.

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