Drafty Even on a Hot Day

JJC's talking about Broadcom, one of his faves.
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Is there anything tougher than trying to figure out whether you should sell a stock that some crazy institution marked up at the end of the quarter?

Yes, when to buy it back.

I am speaking in this case of



, one of my faves. Those who have seen me on my


chats are familiar with this name, as are those who ask me over and over what do I mean by telco tech.

Broadcom is that perfect smorgasboard of semi, telco, cable, modem, 24/7, high-speed, real-time, mission-critical, Jeeves-lovin', one-stop, Gigabit-Ethernet, fast Ethernet, superdeduper Ethernet, remote access, last-mile, direct-data, high-bandwidth, broadband, Docsis, set-top, dsl, xdsl, adsl, integrated voice, data, IP-breathing video play that mutual funds salivate over.

But is it thin. Razor-thin. And it can be taken up beyond all reason. Yesterday it was taken up beyond all reason. 18 points! I had to sell. Had to. Wouldn't be married to the Trading Goddess if I didn't.

But today, down 7, I couldn't help it. I was naked without my buzzword stock. Drafty even on a hot day.

The problem is I know this stock is up on quicksand. I am literally hoping it comes down. I am rooting against myself.

But who knows when the fundamentals come back into play and the markups have worn off? I know I never do. Which is why I had to get started somewhere.

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