I got my DNA, both in real life and in my rotisserie league draft this morning. As promised, we held our draft as soon as



was priced, and using last night's closing prices,

Melissa "Genome" Kasper

and I have now put a million mythical dollars to work in the group. Kasper went for pure speculation, I went for tried-and-true.

Why did we draft now? When we first came up with this idea of a biotech rotisserie league, the group was smoking. It rallied 50% from when we started doing our work. Although the rotisserie is meant as a way to learn, many people bought the stocks we drafted in our now famous

B2B league right after we drafted it. They then proceeded to rally hugely.

We feared that people would buy the biotech stocks similarly, as it would seem like

Cramer Berkowitz

endorsed them at that moment, and we feared and predicted a slaughter in the group. So we waited. Fortunate we did. This group was crushed mercilessly.

We did not want to buy the first bounce. That often fails. We think that the pricing of Genentech this morning, 17 million shares, however, will mark a bottom in this group as many stocks in this cohort traded down as people sold other biotechs to get into DNA, which is a high-quality pharmaceutical company. That was our cue to get back in, hence our draft.

We are buying some of these stocks today. (Our disclosure is included at the end of the piece as always.) Frankly, I would feel much better playing this group at home with a biotech fund.


coverage of the funds that traffic in this group, especially the excellent




debate, may be the best way to start your at-home game with real money.

Remember, there were 30 names up for drafting. I wouldn't read too much into the ones that weren't drafted with the exception of the much-hyped

Transkaryotic Therapies


. I think


(AMGN) - Get Report

wins that court battle, as we own the stock at Cramer Berkowitz, and I didn't want Transkaryotic and Melissa probably didn't want to question my judgment by drafting that lawsuit play. I want to thank Melissa for writing up little bios of each stock, which can be found by clicking on our boards link.

My team:

Melissa's team:

Random musings:

Great call by

Adam Lashinsky

on our TV show a few weeks ago, saying that


(CSCO) - Get Report

will top


(MSFT) - Get Report

in market cap. Boom, it did. His

piece contrasting the two this morning is the type of journalism you only get at


. ... I like


call on


(JWN) - Get Report

today particularly because it is using

Andersen Consulting

, which seems to know what it is doing, to work out its dot-com. But, I have to tell you my wife hates its site because she says the best things about Nordstrom is the human customer service aspect, and you can only get that at the store. ...

Matt "Palm UP" Jacobs

is getting nervous after the 12-point run he just caught in



and is waffling about bailing now that the ramp has been made. Not sure what to do just yet.

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