Dow 10,000: <I>TSC's</I> Coverage

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Market Roundup

Tech Leads, Value Worries Recede as Dow 10,000 Hits Record Books


Aaron L. Task

Wall Street pushes the Dow past the millennial mark in a rush to own the market's leaders before the quarter ends.


New Cash From the Old Countries Spurs Dow's Rise


Peter Eavis

Belatedly, Europeans have been big buyers of U.S. stocks. But will they stick around?

Mutual Funds

Dow Index Funds Have the Name, but S&P Index Funds Have the Cash


Alison Moore

The more broadly based S&P 500 has proven more popular with investors.

Enough Already

Forget the Round Numbers and Focus on Your Portfolio


Helene Meisler

The Chartist shares her disdain for the obsessive chatter about Dow 10,000.

The Musical Angle

Where's How Now Now? Seeking the Forgotten Dow Musical


George Mannes

A 1967 play,

How Now, Dow Jones

, about a Bartiromo precursor and her broker boyfriend, focused on Dow 1000.

The Readers' View

Dow Schmow. Does the Milestone Matter? Take Our Poll