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Don't Scratch!

Cramer's going for a walk rather than succumbing to the itch to buy.
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I guess I am supposed to like the market because there are big futures buyers and lots of short covering. I guess I am supposed to like the bonds because they don't collapse. I guess I am supposed to just go buy the Net because it is not going down like it is supposed to.

No can do. Nasty fundamentals keep telling me to do the opposite, to stay away if I get the itch.


caught the buy itch earlier; I told him to go take some


. I got the itch, he told me to put a Band-Aid on it.

The itch to buy because some futures yahoo is in there taking them up, and some common stock guys have to cover shorts, can be so great that even antihistamines and dressings can't stem it. That's what walks are for.

I am going for one.

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