Why get mad at

Mobius? If you love your stuff, buy it. That's what interviews are for.

Heck, I've got people who want to sell the market because

Ron Insana

is wearing his down-200 vest. Others want to short


stocks, but what if that horse is not only out of the barn but in the pasture?

Oh man, give me a break: Mobius,


, Insana,

TST Recommends

Robertson. Think about it. If you like a stock and it gets hit because of the comments by any of these folks, do you think it will stick?

Again, I turn to


(INTC) - Get Report

. If Julian Robertson owned Intel it is because

Tom Kurlak

, who was or is Julian Robertson's semi analyst (I don't have a relationship with Tom any more I am afraid, although I sure wish I did cause he's great), put him in it. Should I sell my Intel because the best Intel analyst has a position that might be being sold because of larger problems at a hedge fund? Did I go to college to get stupid? Stupid?

Enough said.

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