Don't Forget the Plain Old-Fashioned Stocks

Good old growth stocks retake the lead.
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Could it be? Is today revenge of the nerds day? I mean,

General Mills

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up 2? That hasn't gone up 2 since the





up a couple?


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surging 3?

Heck, it looks like old times, with solid growth stocks taking the lead for the morning. Here's a scary thought for you bears out there. Maybe a cooling off for the Net is actually good for the rest of the market. The plain old-fashioned stocks, or POFS, seem anachronistic when


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jumps 30. But if eBay cools off, does the market take to the Gap?

I don't know, but it sure looks like what is bad for the Internet Sector index, or DOT, is good for the drug index, DRG, and maybe even the BKX, the bank-stock index, which is beginning to put on quite a move.

What am I doing? A little bit of POFS and a little bit of .coms. And, of course, NOSX, which stands for No Oil Service Index stocks.

Same as usual.

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