Don't Fiddle With the Griddle

Sometimes it gets too hot, even for Cramer.
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Sometimes the griddle does get too hot, even for me! Take

Vitria Technology


. Holy cow! Look at this thing. I mean, I listened to the exec on TV, and I didn't hear 8 points worth of good, especially on top of the 10 from yesterday.

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But in this crazy new valuation-free world,

I left 10 points on the table

! I used to talk about that griddle at the

Holland Tunnel Diner

, the one so hot that the egg sandwich burns if left on for a nanosecond.

The continued, second-day run of things such as Vitria seems a little excessive to me, kind of like that griddle.

But maybe, just maybe, I am just publicly kicking myself for pulling the trigger too soon! Ten points! Good grief!

Random musings

: I'm waiting until 3:30 p.m. to buy some more of the thrown away


tech names such as

Sun Microsystems

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